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Posted: July 27, 2010 by jacquiak in Collaboration, Communication, Productivity
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Projector for iPad


Price: $5.99

App size = 4.3 MB

[Click here to download from iTunes]

Official App Description/Marketing spiel: “Finally! With this amazing app now you CAN project your ideas, documents and pictures to an external display (TV, LCD, Projector.  With a mirrored display, you will exactly know where you are while scrolling up and down the pages. Highlight important points of the document on the big screen using your iPad with the build-in laser pointer. ”

NOTE: The Apple VGA connector is also needed to project on external displays.

General comments and thoughts:

After purchasing the dock converter to VGA adapter from Apple for $39 I have to admit that I was disappointed when I found out that only SOME of the apps on the iPad would display on the big screen.  Although the YouTube app and some Videos will play directly through the VGA cable, and if you have the KeyNote app, this displays too – most other applications, including web browsers do not successfully display.

Big disappointment.

However this app is addressing the problem somewhat in its claims to be able to display the following file types:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • iWork Pages
  • iWord KeyNote
  • iWork Numbers
  • Text and RTF.

Ease of Use:

Once you’ve plugged in the VGA cable to your external monitor and opened up Projector app, you are first presented with a blank canvas where you are prompted to open up a file from your Document List.

Start screen of Projector!

This is where I first discovered that you can’t simply and easily browse for a file as such… you have to go to the file you wish to open first and then Open With > Projector.  A bit of a shame, but never mind.  Once you have located the file you wish to open, it automatically adds it to your Document list.

As you can see in the example above I imported a word doc, excel spreadsheet, PDF, PowerPoint file and an RTF. I figured I’d try as many as possible to see if they really COULD play all file types as per their claims!

So, you select the file you want to open from the Document List and a thumbnail preview of the file appears on the canvas.

In the top right hand corner are 3 Project Icons.

The first (Info icon) displays some basic help instructions.

The second (Image icon) allows you to change the background image.

The third (Play icon) is the most important icon, as this lets you move into presentation mode.

Once you select the Play icon your iPad screen will rotate and display your file at the top of the screen. Below this; 4 buttons will appear – left and right buttons to move back and forth through your file. A stop button to stop the presentation. And a switch button which lets you switch between display mode and a magic wand.

Although your iPad screen will look like the above, on the display you are connected too – only the top part (ie your file) will display on-screen.

Pros and Cons:

Although the app claims to be able to show images, I couldn’t find a way to import an image into the Document List.  Having said that, given you can simply display Photos using a VGA cable directly through the Photos app, this isn’t really a big deal anyway.

I also couldn’t get the magic wand tool to work properly (at least not as I was hoping it would work).  When in Presentation mode, if you use your finger to circle an area on the presentation, it doesn’t actually display this on the display screen you’re connected too.  Which makes the tool a little useless.  BUT maybe that was just the TV I was connected too… might have to test this further.

Potential uses in Higher Education:

As a presentation tool for use in a lecture theatre or classroom; the ability to open up this app and quickly display files from your iPad is potentially very useful. Most lecturers these days tend to store their PowerPoint slides or other class documents within their LMS or on a flash drive for convenience. Some take their laptop’s to class and plug them into the projectors.  So this iPad app provides another storage and display alternative, although I think the portability and convenience of a flash drive would still preferable.  Plus it would fit in your pocket 🙂

At the moment what’s missing is the ability to display web pages and to display ANY application installed on the iPad.  If these things are incorporated into the next version of the app (or another app) – it would improve its usability in leaps and bounds.   Mind you, given that Apple controls the approval of apps within iTunes and given their tendency to release a slick product, minus a few vital features (ie releasing the iPhone3G minus a video camera while including a video camera in the iPod nano) it is highly likely that in the future Apple will no doubt incorporate these additional features.  Fingers crossed anyway.