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Yes. Yes it is.

BUT… now that the Centre for eLearning at our university (Curtin University) has invested in a number of iPads, our team is going to put them to the test.

Every Day. For 100 days.

To see if they really are going to be the next big thing (as Apple claims), or to see if they are simply an over sized iPod Touch (as others, possibly competitors, have declared 😉 ).

During the next 100 days, our team of 6 staff will update this blog regularly to share their thoughts and impressions and recommendations on the most useful apps that are currently out there. We will attempt to ONLY recommend apps that we think are worth installing and that we’d recommend to others.  Along with the pros and cons, ease of use, price and download size.

We’re also interested in finding out which apps YOU find you’re using the most. Feel free to leave your comment and a link and we’ll attempt to post a review if the app’s worth it.

Yours in anticipation,

Jacqui and the CeL team