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I’ve been using the ipad for several months now and find it a great asset as a work tool.  I work as a graphic designer for Curtin University.  The most impressive aspects of the iPad is it’s portability, size, light weight and quick start up. It’s great to be able to take the ipad to meetings, show clients visuals of their requested work, gain instant feed back and discuss relating to the job at hand. I’m able to take a screen snap (screen capture) of the visual, place it in my ‘photos’, click and show, or email the visual to myself – open it up in email then show the client. The iPad is small enough to carry anywhere with ease yet large enough to use comfortably from a visual perspective.

A great feature of the iPad is the screen snap, just hold down the ‘HOME’ button and click the ‘OFF-ON’ button, the screen will turn white for a second so you’ll know the snap has been taken, it will then be stored in your ‘PHOTOS’ for instant access. This is fantastic for info you want to keep a visual  reference of whatever you are viewing on screen, especially for the graphic designer.

I can check work emails outside of work hours if needed or if working from home, use the Web for information or finding images for graphic work. The interface is clean and fresh, with large cute icons. It doesn’t take long to get use to the touch, tap, pinch and wipe controls even if you’re use to using a mouse or WACOM pen. I love the way you’re able to rotate the orientation of the screen, there are no controls allocated to this capability the orientation flips as you tilt or rotate the device giving you maximum screen access. The interface is high res even when zooming in on the screen; they look fantastic.

You’re able to choose your own background image just to add that personal touch to your iPad, when you get tired of looking at your last holiday snap just click and choose a new one.  My kids tend to go into my iPad when I’m not around and surprise me with some new Simpsons character or that holiday snap that you really should have deleted.

For those of you that can’t get through the day without a calender, the iPad presents you with easy day, week or month view. The keyboard is great to use, if you don’t have a problem with typing you’ll find it a breeze, even you two finger typers.

I find the charge life on the iPad quite high, about 1 to 2 days depending on use. Recharging can be done from a USB port on a mac. Sleep mode is great for saving the battery life and quicker than ‘turn-on/turn-off’ with each use.

The lack of folders make it difficult to organise apps in regard to house keeping, however this will all change in November as folders will be a new feature.

The more you use the iPad the more you’ll find!

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