Suggest an app for us to review

Discovered an iPad app that you think we should review?

Leave your recommendations via the comment section below.

  1. Diana Taylor says:

    Hi team,

    Love the iPad project, I heard through the grape vine that flipboad is pretty neat. It collates media and articles your social network is sharing. Checkout the video on the homepage. Could lend itself well to a class based social group, as they share resources these are presented in flipboard as the users personal magazine. As i say only heard about it 🙂 may be worth a look-see.


    • kimbowa says:

      Flipboard is a great way to engage with your Twitter and Facebook stream s- what would launch into App Excellence would be the ability to add your own streams from RSS… probably not possible with its current architecture but hopefully something Ashton has the team working on!

  2. Hall Jackson says:

    As Curtin has so many TurningPoint Clickers – you may want to trial responseware from Turningpoint.

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